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Our new caretakers


We are so pleased to have Mark and Elizabeth introduce themselves.

This is the first time since the house was built in 1884, that we have not had a family member living here. So finding these special people out of all our qualified applicants was a gift. Not only do they have the skills we need to save the house but also they are gentle loving people who fit right in with our team of board members, family and volunteers. Please welcome them and see for yourself.


Mark SainT Gaudens

Elizabeth SAint Gaudens

Hello and welcome to the Cohen Bray site. I have recently been enlisted as caretaker of this fabulous Victorian jewel of a home here in the Fruitvale District of Oakland.

Born and raised in Marin County, I was brought up in a home where attention to detail was paramount. Both my grandfather and father were fabricating jewelers trained in the old European style. The opportunity for me was available to take over the business but my passion for woodworking took precedent.

I have made a living as a finish carpenter for the last 25 years before joining the Cohen Bray Team with my lovely and creative wife of more than 30 years, Elizabeth E. We both live on site and will be instrumental in the preservation of this remarkable historical landmark.

I am happy to be working on the unique challenges this opportunity presents and to meet the people so passionate about the field of vintage home preservation.

Hello, and welcome to the Victorian Preservation Center website for the Cohen Bray House and property in Oakland.

It is my absolute delight to be part of this magnificent home's preservation.

 I am a lifelong resident of California, fourth generation, with education at Sir Francis Drake High School, College of Marin, and the Academy of Art in San Francisco. I worked as a graphic designer with National Branding with DeVito Associates for over 25 years, then morphed into software engineering with Broderbund Software in Novato, California, and then to Quality Assurance with Boise-Cascade for the remainder of my career.

Mark and I love our new position as caretakers at the Cohen Bray House. 

Hobbies include: ornithology, primarily hummingbirds, hawks and songbirds; astronomy, ephemera; science; meteorology and all things vintage and antique.

I am enjoying meeting all of you who visit here to help preserve this living treasure.

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