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The Full Story

our fundraising efforts for 2024

Our focus is on raising $20,000 to repair a very bad section

in the failing original brick foundation.


Existing conditions

This is the sewer pipe at ground level where it comes down from the second story bathroom.

For many years the connection to the ground lateral pipe was leaking. This has caused slumping of the soil and movement of the bricks and mudsill. The pipe has been fixed  but the weight of the building is causing almost a 3 1/2" drop. We have researched leveling the building and learned that that process will damage the plaster and possible pop out the windows. 


Architect Kirk Peterson and Engineer Gene St. Ong have drawn up plans on how and where to support the building that will keep it from slumping further. We have gotten a bid of $20,000 to do the work and need donations to make it happen.

The back porch and store area will have to wait....

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