We encourage everyone to volunteer. Whether you are already a historical preservationist or just a first time gardener, it takes all of us to run this house. There are no paid staff. Please let us know what you are interested in doing and we will  find a job for you. We can take groups or individuals. Start by coming to a work party on the 3rd Sunday of each month! or just with a phone call.

Fundraise or Donate and become a Member

We cannot survive into the future without  fundraising. If you have grant-writing skills or have knowledge that can help, we need you! Become a member and contribute regularly. Put us in your will and help us continue our legacy. Have your corporation adopt us as a special project.  

Exterior Painting will cost $65,000. Replacing the brick foundation might cost up to $150,000. Help us keep the old girl alive, become a member, join the board.


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