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Fundraise, donate, volunteer and become an annual member.
volunteer Dave Poock about to paint the kitchen porch

 Become a member and contribute regularly (yearly or monthly) to the efforts  restoring and preserving this house.

Remember, we are a 501(c)3 and you can write off your donation from your taxes. Our Victorian Preservation Center of Oakland's 

Tax I.D. number is 94-3156522.

Our corp# is 1523508 VP6C0

Put Cohen Bray House in your will and help continue this legacy into the future.

Can your corporation adopt the Cohen Bray House and help us complete  these special projects?  

See the projects we need help with here.
Help us keep the old girl alive. DONATE.

Volunteers who cataloged the Hat collection

We encourage everyone to volunteer. You can use this link to fill out your contact information and interest for our files .

 Whether you are already a historical preservationist or just a first-time gardener, it takes all of us to run this house. There is no paid staff. Use your expertise and join our board we can use your skills.

If you have grant-writing skills or have knowledge that can help, we need you.

Please let us know what you are interested in doing and we will  find a job for you. We can take groups or individuals. Start by coming to a work party on Saturdays. Call to let us know how you might be interested.


In Person

Fill out a


envelope with your contribution. 

Purchase items

in our store.


 Enjoy personalized tours and teas for benefactors


When you donate on the link below your data appears in our new software program, created so we can thank you!

Over the Phone

Please feel free to call us.

(510) 536-1703


(510) 527-5209

Board President

By Email

Please email if you wish for more information:

Need help with donating or purchasing tickets:

or info on volunteering

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Follow us and be our friend.   
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