We are having a Membership drive! Memberships are not automatically renewed. So, our goal is to get everyone to renew their membership at a higher level and get 200 new members in the next year.


If each of you bring in five or more new members, we will reach our membership goal easily.  Let us know if we can help you, by showing interested people our fundraising presentation.


We have created some new categories and benefits!  All members receive:

The knowledge that you are part of saving history for the future!

Discounts to live and virtual events.

Exclusive invitations to members only events and special parties.

  All members will receive a link via email to join us on Zoom to see our new PowerPoint presentation     and a tour of special items in our collections not shown to the public.

  Join us on Dec. 10th  at 5 p.m., Enjoy your evening cocktail hour with us!

  Join us in lieu of our Holiday Tea on Sunday, Jan. 10th  at 2:00 p.m.

  We are excited to use this educational fundraising tool during this time of isolation.

  It will be nice to see your face and your outfit! We are planning on dressing up!

  Membership Category          Level                       Benefits


  Student/Senior            Sliding scale $5-$25/annual        All of the above  

  Household                   $35/annual                                    All of the above + Set of House Postcards  

  Supporter                    $60/annual-$5 month                   All of the above +  Emelita and Sparks Photo  

  Friend                          $120+Annual - $10/month.          All of the above  +  4 Emelita Cohen Linoleum block cards                 Patron                           $500 Annual                                  All of the above +Signed, framed Emelita Cohen Original print        

 Restoration Angel       $1000 + per year                           All of the above+ Private tour of your choice for up to 6 people                                                                                                                                                                             

  Any member who brings in five + new annual members can choose one of these thank you gifts  

  Private tour for up to 6 people  

  Private Paranormal Tour  

  Family Victorian Game Night  

  Private Collection tour 


  Any member who brings in ten + new annual members can choose one of these.

  Private Meal experience for 6- menu to be determined. 

  Private tour and tea up to 12 people  

  Choose your Decade Cocktail Party (1860’s to 1960’s) period dress required  

  Private Garden Party