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Speaker  Program 

Oakland's Historic Cohen Bray House- Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

We offer a PowerPoint talk in person or on Zoom about our house. 

Did you know our house is # 8 on the City of Oakland’s landmarks?  Listed in 1978, it is one of the only five historic house/museum study centers on the City’s list.  The city has a total of 145 landmarks. 

The house is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Alameda County currently has 159 such properties and the Cohen Bray House was the 5th property listed in the county, testimony to its historic and architectural significance.

Patty Donald, the President of the Victorian Preservation Center of Oakland and a descendant, will use amazing photos on Powerpoint to show how this happened.

Learn how these two Gold Rush families, the  Cohens and the Brays helped shape the  transportation of people and commodities from San Francisco, Oakland and Alameda up the delta to the miners and south to Warm Springs

in Fremont  and a flour mill in Alviso and all around the region in 1850-1880.

Respecting the original Huichun people and the land our house is built upon, learn how the neighborhood has changed over time. See the historic  maps of Alameda and  Oakland's Fruitvale district. 

Time has shaped the house through family changes in wealth and property, impacts of earthquakes and embezzlement.  We are fortunate to have the original architectural plans and  historic photos  to show why the house looks as it does today.  Learn how your membership, time and expertise can help save this house from the ravages of time. Help us to save the past for the future.

 A tour through the house would be the next step back in time for your group!


Let us know if you are interested by emailing

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