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Caretaker opportunity 

If you enjoy history and are handy at dealing with the problems encountered living in your own old, historic residence, this might be an opportunity for you. The resident caretaker must look upon this historic site as they would their own property. Historic homes are an irreplaceable part of our national heritage.  By taking up residence in an Oakland Landmark, a historic house registered in the National Historic Trust, you become a part of its history. As resident caretaker you would become one of the Cohen Bray House’s ambassadors to the public for the future.


work exchange

The caretaker would live in the private back rooms in the house, one room, bathroom and two additional closets on the second floor.  They will share access (during program days) to the 1st floor- kitchen,  breakfast room and large yard. The rest of the house is an Oakland landmark - historic house and study center. 


The position does not pay a salary but offers lodging in trade for caretaking duties, with an expectation of working about 13 hours a week on these various caretaking jobs for rent.


 The caretaker will be required to;


  • to provide security at the house by securing the locks, the alarm system and being a visibly present representative to police, the volunteers, public and neighborhood. 

  • help maintain the interior and exterior of the house and landscaping the garden as needed 

  • report to the board contact as needed and at the monthly board meetings

  • keep a log of hours of work that was accomplished and what needs to be done

  • inform the Board of any job/work expenditures needed above 13hrs, prior to time spent or  purchase of items

  • help with various  events at the house  (usually on weekends)


More information upon request.

We are looking for an individual that will enhance our house and help us to meet our Mission and Goals

Please send resume to by 10/1/21

 or contact patricia.donald7@gmail for more information


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