Docent Training

Who we are and what we offer you!


4:30 pm

Do you enjoy old things? Discovering the past and sharing it? Do you like making historical connections to real life things? Or do you like dressing up in historic clothes, leading tours and helping with special events? This Docent training program is for you! Come learn about who we are and what you can do with us.

House history and collections


10:00 am

This unique house is a treasure trove of forgotten Oakland, England and the Orient. Learn its history, the history of the land and family. Delve into the clothing, art, ceramics, books, furniture and wall paper collections and see the secrets we are unfolding that can be used for your interpretive tours here.

Creative Teaching


11:30 am

Demonstration, discussion and practice on how to interpretively teach all ages about history. Learn how to gage your audience, what questions you ask to find out what really interests them. Help create interpretive displays and exhibits. Help us continue to develop the curriculum. Learn how to lead or assist with a really fun tour back in time..  

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