Front Yard help needed

Restoration of the front garden continues

We thank Restoration Works International  for all the hours they volunteered: repainting the front fence and gates; dividing the Douglas iris  and refurbished the iris beds. Recently the bulbs in the circle

 were divided and replanted. Then the circle was planted with candytuft and lobelia.

We need your help working on the irrigation and adding compost. Of course there is always weeding, raking and watering!    Come join us !

Replanting hertage plants and restoration of existing plants

Projects include:

1.removing the ivy and weeds 

2. adding more pea gravel to the paths 

3. adding compost and mulch to the garden beds.

4. purchasing and planting the plants 

Donating any of the above and money are needed for these projects.

Oak Tree Farm and garden

Our back garden is used for our  events and our school garden program. It has  raised boxes, a compost area and a kitchen and flower garden.

Our pollinator garden  attracts more wildlife.

You can help

Every spring we battle weeds everywhere on the property. Your help is needed.

Events in the house mean that the yard needs extra attention too.

Become part of our annual process of maintaining this space.

Back Yard