Supporting the Cohen Bray House matters. 



Due to the unforeseen challenges of Covid 19, we were unable to host any of  our  event fundraisers in 2019 & 2020. And unfortunately, this had a large impact on our budget, and we need your help now more than before. Unlike the other historic landmarks that are owned by the City or came with a large trust fund, we are supported by our membership and gifts from amazing people like you! Any contribution helps! We have no paid staff, so your donation can go directly into  the house.

Here are some specific projects, and a range of needed funds for each; we hope you can help us with a donation of any amount on these or other projects in the coming year.

The kitchen is now vastly improved to prepare for our reopening and fundraising events in Dec. 2021 and Jan. 2022

 Projects we have completed . ( see before and after photos of process):

  • Done! 7/1/21 repaired the plaster on the kitchen ceiling. ( Grant from Victorian Alliance and Turner Construction!)

  • Done! 7/23/21 Removal of the vinyl asbestos flooring 

  • Done! 7/16/21  Uncovering the original1883 built in brick  stove. The shelves on the back still need to be sandblasted and soldered to look as it used to look.

  • Done- Cleaning and Painting the kitchen.  Interior paint has been acquired  for Kitchen, Front bedroom and Emelita's Bathroom to cover the plaster work done there! Thank-you Lynne Rutter!

  • Done The original linoleum pattern printed on vinyl by Spicher and Co. ( to follow the guidelines set by being on the National Register of historic places) is now in the  Butlers Pantry, Pantry, and Back hallway. 

  • Done! October 14-16 - the new linoleum is installed in the kitchen and Emelita's bathroom.

  • WE NEED YOUR HELP! Any amount you donate will offset the unforeseen costs -Asbestos removal- added $2,000 to the project.

 Everyday Wish list- inexpensive temporary fixes we can do ourselves.

    Stationary Jacks $100 each. We need lots!

    Gallons of Wolman Classic Clear above ground Wood Preservative- 4 pack- 903/204746307 -Wood preservative to be sprayed on and painted into bare wood while we wait for funding for exterior painting. ( items found at Home Depot)

• Weatherproof windows and doors against leaks; many need repair, glass replaced, and painting: $2,000-$15,000.

• Repair the front porch decking, extend the handrail on the front stairs, and repaint: $500- $3,000. ​​

Large projects:

• Repair exterior woodwork and trim, in preparation for painting: $5,000-15,000. We found small woodwork replacement pieces under the house!

• Paint the outside of the House to protect the exterior (and the interior from the weather) We have the colors identified! : $25,000-60,000

• Remodel the smoking-room porch and the only usable bathroom: $30,000;

   Replace the foundation under that portion of the House: $34,950;

   Make the House wheelchair accessible: $10,000

Replace the whole original brick foundation. Kirk Peterson who has designed  our kitchen porch and advised us on all projects is drawing the foundation plans. We are working with and engineer and an Earthquake specialist.

   The house has survived major earthquakes in the past 138 years, but time is not on our side. We need to retrofit.

   Planning and design, preparation: $25,000;

   Leveling and temporary supports: $80,000-100,000;

   Tie in major walls to future foundation: $60,000-90,000;

   Replace and encapsulate the existing brick foundation: $200,000-300,000.

front window
Wood pieces found!
Windows need help
Need Paint!
Flaking 40 year old paint needs to be removed and repainted on building
Original 1884 brick foundation
rotten front porch boards
Tower balcony wooden railing