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 Letters from the hidden drawer and more below!

While looking in Emma's dresser in the front bedroom, Nancy and our new intern Ella Spandorf pulled out the bottom drawer and discovered;

packets of letters, photos of our mother as a baby, Emma's Mills Seminary diploma, prints of the Cohen camp on the Gualala river and more

I just love surprises, Don't you?

My favorites are the 1929-1930 letters written back to Emma after she sent her Christmas cards to her family and friends telling them that her youngest daughter Emelita was in the hospital for four months with pleurisy, a breathing disorder caused by pneumonia. (When she was bed ridden,  Emelita started learning how to carve the linoleum blocks for her  woman owned card business in the 1930's. buy her cards today!)

Here are a sampling of letters from Emma's son Douglas and wife Marjory, ( my grandparents) and Marjories mother Maud, my great grandmother from Chiliwack.

Ella also worked on the second drawer to catalog the linens and lace found there.

Click on each photo to show the whole picture.

The top drawer items were added to our collections by Intern Raquel Moral.

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